Eliot’s 9th

There are 152 million blogs on the internet. Why do we need another one? Why?  Well, because this one. This blog you’re reading right now. This blog here is blog 153. And 1 plus 5 plus 3 equals 9. And 9, as we all know, is the magic number. Sure 3 gets all the good press, and groupies, but 9 is the real deal. Think about it, John Lennon was obsessed with the number 9. He wrote ‘No. 9 Dream’, ‘Revolution No. 9’ and ‘One After 909.” The Bible says there are 9 fruits of the Spirit. There are 108 Hindu deities. 108 also adds up to 9. And as we all know, and are tired of hearing, I’m sure – When Odin sacrificed himself to himself, he hung upside down as the hanged man upon the gallows or Yggdrasil for nine days and nights. In return, he secured from the Well of Wyrd eighteen (twice nine) charms or runes. Duh… heard it a million times! But you get the point : this blog is really important.

You may or may not know this, but I’m about to release a new solo album. And how many songs do you think are on this record? Well, you can stop guessing, it’s 9. Furthermore, a month ago I gave away a Christmas Song online. It plays for 3:33 minutes. 9 again! What does this all mean?? Besides the fact I didn’t know what to write this first blog about. Honestly I have no idea. I’ve mostly been staring out the window at the icicles slowly melting and dripping into the driveway. I’ve been snowed in for days now and I’m starting to go a little crazy.

So OK, for real. I’m Eliot, nice to meet you. I was in a duo called The Brilliant Inventions for about 7 years. I never really gave much thought to the idea of us splitting up. I honestly didn’t see it coming. But that’s life. We just got a blizzard in Georgia, anything can happen. Some awesome fans donated money for a new record, and I don’t have it in me to quit, so I made one. It will be out in March. It’s called Blackbirds and I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I mean, outside of this life changing blog. I really can’t wait to share these songs with everyone. I’ve got lots more to say about it, but I’m gonna shut up for now and drink my 9th cup of coffee. I hope you’ll come back and check in with me. I promise to keep you posted on all my musical endeavors, shows, the record, and of course more about unicorns than you ever could hope to know. Welcome to the new blog. Talk to you real soon!


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15 Responses to Eliot’s 9th

  1. Susan says:

    Love the album title!! Can’t wait until it comes out.

  2. Sara Redd says:

    Oh, Eliot. I know what you mean about the whole ‘why on earth do we need more blogs when we have 153 million bajillion of them’… primarily because I just started a blog too. I suppose it would fall into the photography/random musings category. Check ze link.

    And I’m, like, soOoOoO totes going to start following you now.


  3. Susan says:

    I’m so glad that you are soldiering on by yourself and I’m eagerly awaiting the new music. You Don’t Have To Be Strong is one of my very favorite songs ever.

    • eliotjames says:


      I really appreciate that, thank you! I hope you find a few more songs that speak to you on this new one. The record definitely has that kinda feel.

  4. John Seay says:

    looking forward to the new cd, and the blog, and whatever else since anything, as you pointed out, can happen. and usually does.

  5. Jennifer Holman says:

    Just 9 cups of coffee? 99 would be better!

    Can’t wait to hear the new record.

  6. Gilda Sue says:

    A duo for seven years. . .
    Hey, I feel like you and I sometimes read the same author. . .

  7. eliotjames says:

    Right now, the unmixed album is taking up 39.6 MB on my hard drive.

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