Sunday Bloggy Sunday

So, I get it. Weekends are not high traffic days for blog readers. Yesterday I asked everyone to tell me what they’d like to read about, and I only got one response. Ok, that’s not exactly true, I got a couple of responses, but one idea. I also got one mean-spirited comment, from someone who shall remain nameless. But, you know who you are, Megan.

I figure, Sunday has got to be the worst day for a blog. People are not sitting around chained to their computers, in desperate need of entertainment. In fact, I’m pretty sure this blog will get very little attention at all. After I press the “publish” button, this trivial diatribe will float off into the dark endless chasm of the internet. If it’s lucky, perhaps it will end up wedged in a fissure in the wall of cyberspace, somewhere between the ruins of Friendster and . (That’s a real website) So, it doesn’t matter what kind of personal information I divulge here. It makes no difference what secrets or juicy gossip I launch out into the digital Delphian void. It won’t be read.

I grew up going to church every Sunday. First Pentecostal, then Methodist, and finally Presbyterian. But my Grandparents on my father’s side were both Pentecostal ministers. I don’t think they would have approved of my blogging on Sunday. But then again, they wouldn’t approve of most of my life. Still, I wonder if they ever felt this way about their prayers. Did they ever wonder if their little lonely messages to the Almighty were just coughed out into the thermosphere, dodging weather satellites and space debris, on their infinite journey to the edge of the universe? Maybe this blog will one day bump up against a prayer or two, somewhere in the unlit recesses of time and space. And I wonder, from that improbable vantage point, if they wouldn’t look like the same thing.

Happy Sunday,

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10 Responses to Sunday Bloggy Sunday

  1. well i’m here reading and enjoying. you’re a fun writer! and unless you tell me to go away, i’ll probably respond, because a. i want to and b. as one who blogs myself, it’s more fun when people respond. … remind me of my mom who was raised methodist, ended up at a baptist college, then raised us all as episcopalians. she said she always got in trouble for having fun on sundays during college and couldn’t figure out what God had against some fun. ….anyway your blog begs the question what did you learn from your exposure to three different denominations? you don’t have to respond here, but i’m wondering anyway…

    • eliotjames says:

      Hi again Lisa,

      Please keep responding! You always post interesting things. I guess I’ll have to write a blog about all my church going too. Good question. I’ll get on it.

  2. … and yeah… Lapland is boring on sundays.. so what else is there to do? LOL!

    I read yesterdays too…. 😀

    Question… from someone that does not and never has gone to church every sunday… Why three different religions? Do you still go now?

    • eliotjames says:

      Hi Michelle!

      Several reasons for “church hopping,” I suppose. Family issues and then moving for starters. But I think my parents were just trying to find the right fit for us. I do not go to church now. Oddly enough, neither do they. I do think it had a big influence on me though. Good and bad. I suppose I’ll definitely have to write about more about this. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Jaime says:

    Just because people aren’t commenting, doesn’t mean we’re not reading on the weekends. In fact, it’s when I do my most blog-reading (and notice that more people don’t blog on the weekends.) 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    OK, possible topics…
    how to keep squirrels from eating home grown tomatoes, chex mix recipes, fav games to play on game night, slipping on ice, history of you playing music (and why you still like to play), best book ever read, test anxiety, childhood embarrassment, tall tales you have told, uses for dryer lint, why Decatur, bucket list, best thing you’ve ever eaten, if you could have a “do over”, childhood pets, how many states/countries have you traveled (favorite place on the globe), what other instruments can you play, when you were a kid you wanted to grow up to be…, 101 things to do with___ (or maybe 9 things?!?), top 9 lists, what you did when you were 9 years old. My brain in hurting now, but surely something in this list will spark a notion for future entertaining rhetoric. What you have shared so far has been enjoyable.

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