Better Late Than Ever

I really don’t feel like writing a blog today. Why? Well, I’m lazy, for one. Two, I might have played a little too hard last night. And three, nothing particularly interesting is coming to mind. My friend Gordon says, I should write a blog about not wanting to write a blog. He says that he always comes up with something that way. I’m not convinced it’s going to work, but here we go.

…aaaaand nothing. I’m just sitting here like some kind of blog zombie waiting for inspiration to strike, while my annoying giant-dog-puppy entertains herself with the simple joy of flipping her food bowl over and spreading her kibbles all around the kitchen. Charming. Now she’s crying, which means she wants to go back outside and dig a series of random holes, and afterwards bark incessantly at nothing until one of my neighbors starts screaming obscenities at us. Man, it’s a lovely day already.

…aaaaand still nothing. Is it possible that I’ve shared all the useless ideas that have been taking up space in my brain already. Can’t be, right? I must have something buried under a box of old addresses and song lyrics. Let me just reach down in there …aaaaand.

…Ok, here’s a blog idea about not being able to grow a beard. Eeehh. And here’s my unwritten exposition about fundamentalist atheists, I’ll spare you that one. Oh, this looks like the beginning of my answer to Lisa’s question about male dating behavior — I’ll definitely have to come back to that one. I’ve got one kicking around here somewhere about hot sauce, and another one about the diaspora, and various schools of Buddhism, as well as their diverse conceptions of emptiness, shunyata, the ultimate ground of being, or lack their of. I’ve got one about pie too. Jeez, it’s really a mess in here.

Ok, what if I wrote a blog about a zombie, a dog, and a cluttered, unorganized mind?

Ta ta,

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6 Responses to Better Late Than Ever

  1. i’m so proud of you!!! feeling like it didn’t seem like part of the plan. which is easy for me to say since i don’t have to do this. but i’ve been THINKING about doing this, and i’m sceeeered. so when you do it, i get more courage. esp since i’ve been staring blankly at my screen for some other project for the last hour. so thanks. and you might need a heavier dog bowl.

    • eliotjames says:

      Thanks for the support Lisa. But, I make no promises about this little blog. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here, and I have even less idea why. Like I said, I’m only halfway committed to it. Still, I’m not ready to give up just yet. Thanks for keeping me going though.

  2. Steen says:

    Your annoying-dog-puppy and my annoying-dog-puppy should be friends. As long as yours doesn’t teach mine terrible dog bowl flipping habits…

  3. Tracey says:

    Keep doing it! For one, like Lisa, I have been thinking about doing one and you are slowly inspiring me. For another, I find your daily dose of rambling entertaining, and have started to look for your blog during the day…

  4. Michelle Colebourn says:

    Aha… well you know what the problem was don’t you? It was my birthday… and you just could not handle the excitement of it all!! LOL…. January 20th Whoopeeeeeeeeee!

    If you spare a minute to look at my blog.. After having blogged for a couple of years, mainly linked to a business I had at the time.. I lost enthusiasm some months back and just have not gone back to it since December.. but then, my blog is not fun like yours! 😀

    Just blog when you feel like it, routine is boring. The internet and us will always be here, whenever you are ready! 😀

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