The World’s Best Blog

Hey, here’s a blog. It’s gonna be the best blog you ever read! This blog is so good, it will turn your first born child into a bar of gold. Or it will turn your favorite bar into The Golden Child. Or it will make you a hot fudge sunday. Then it will go jogging 5 miles, and burn all the calories off, so you don’t have to. This blog is that good. This blog is made from the finest silk, and puppy fur money can buy. Rub it on your face and feel how soft it is. Do it! This blog can kick your blog’s ass. This blog is like The Death Star, mixed with Steven Seagal, on a pile of pit bulls, running with the real bulls, in Barcelona. (Gabe says that The Running Of The Bulls doesn’t happen in Barcelona, but in Pamplona. But who can really say for sure?)

Now that you’re feeling the vibrations like Marky Mark, I thought I’d fill you in on the record. We’re mixing  all week! Getting that much closer to putting a album in your hands! YEE HAW.

Here’s the track list (probably):

Old Car
If You Need To Be Free
This song
Black-Eyed Susan
Annabel Avenue
Everywhere I Go
You’re Always Saying Goodbye
Christmas Song
East Atlanta Lullaby

Hope you’re all having an awesome day.

With the unicorns,

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3 Responses to The World’s Best Blog

  1. John Seay says:

    this blog tried to make me a hot fudge sunday, but it was not as hot as i’m used to.

  2. if we buy the album and read the blog, can we have a hot fudge sundae?

  3. Katy says:

    If I read the blog and buy the album….can I have Marky Mark delivered to my house?

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