So… What Are You Doing Later?

Yesterday I missed my first day of blogging since I started just over two weeks ago. Bummer. On the up side, I didn’t get any angry emails, no death threats, and no one  killed any of my unicorns. On the down side, this might mean that even fewer people than I suspected care about this blog. But on the up side, that means I don’t have to worry so much about missing a day. On the down side, that means I’ll probably blog less and less. But on the up side, I’ll have more time to braid my unicorn’s mane and drink coffee.

In the unlikely event that you want an explanation as to why I didn’t blog yesterday, I will only offer that I was busy AND I am a world champion procrastinator. I realize procrastination has somewhat fallen out of fashion, and even at the world champion level, it doesn’t mean what is used to. However, for those of you who don’t understand the subtle art of procrastination, let me distill for you some for the advantages this disposition offers.


First of all, it’s great to be a procrastinator, because you never run out of things to do. Also, procrastinators never feel empty-headed, because there’s always something in the back of their minds. And finally, If you can manage to be a procrastinator for your entire life, when you die, you’ll get out of doing a ton of work.

I was going to write more about this, but I think I’ll just do it later.


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5 Responses to So… What Are You Doing Later?

  1. Josh Lamkin says:

    I too love to procrastin–I’ll tell you about it later.

  2. Michelle Colebourn says:

    My Civics teacher used to say I was the best procrastinator in the class… I think he would be proud of me! M..a…n..y years later, I am still good at it! 😀

    Pleased you have a life outside of blogging, which is what NOT blogging means! 😀

  3. There is another advantage of procrastinating. I was going to die years ago but I keep putting it off.

  4. John Seay says:

    have you been putting off writing about procrastination for a particular reason?

  5. Tom Walken says:

    I love to procrastinate, usually by doing something utterly inconsequential. It’s great if you’ve got regret on the brain, or if you’re into providing “be there yesterday” experiences for yourself.

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