After a few days away from the blog, I learned something about myself: having to writing a blog every day stresses me out.  Not that that’s a good enough reason not to blog. Lots of things stress me out and I just deal with them. Holidays stress me out. Running out of wine stresses me out. Girls stress me out… And so do people who can’t put a trash bag back in the empty can, when they take out the trash. I mean, come on! (Maybe that’s not so much stress as an annoyance, but I wanted to throw that in there.)
Also making a solo CD is totally stressing me out.

Making a record has to be one of the strangest things a person can do. Right behind shaving off your own eyebrows and eating cow patties, or voting for the Tea Party. You write a bunch of songs. Play them for two years or something. Record several instruments individually and use a computer to put them all in the same “room” together. Then you obsess about every little frequency contained in a series of ones and zeros, living intangibly on your hard drive. By the time you’re done, you’re lucky if you remember what a guitar is at all.

As I get closer to setting this little monster loose in world, I feel more and more like an insane person, pacing around my house, muttering to myself about mid-range frequencies, and how the CIA might be monitoring me through a video implant in my dog’s nose.

It’s time like these, that I question the wisdom of pursuing a career in music, and turn my thoughts to other jobs that might better fit my qualifications and dispositions, like a hair boiler or a snake milker (real jobs, look ‘em up).

So, this is the blog today. Isn’t it amazing. I’ve been procrastinating writing a new blog for a few days. But now I’ve got so much other stuff to do, that writing this blog is actually helping me procrastinate on doing that stuff. So it works out.

Walaikum Salaam,

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10 Responses to Stresstified

  1. John Seay says:

    sounds about right. except i don’t think you’d be that good at hair boiling. sorry. looking forward to the new cd, though!

  2. Gordon Nash says:

    I find that not blogging stresses me out. That’s why I blog.

    I don’t see making it big in hair boiling, maybe snake milking.

  3. hmmm…when i was a kid, my dad kept telling me that interest and ability went hand in hand. you’re a good cd maker and a good blogger, so could you be mistaking stress for excitement about doing what you like to do? doing what you love won’t make it all go away. not doing it probably will. speaking from experience over here. exercise: put the cd in front of you and jump up and down and say “yay i did it, and it’s awesome! can’t wait to share it!” then stare at it. if it doesn’t spontaneously combust, you’re safe to stop the pacing 😉 we’ll all be dead in 100 years.

  4. Josh Lamkin says:

    The only thing I agree with that Lisa said is that we’ll all be dead in 100 years, and I’m not even sure about that. Kidding.

    Your record’s gonna be awesome. I’ve already thrown away all of the music I own in anticipation. So no pressure….

  5. John Seay says:

    We are all prisoners. We are all doing time. We are all tapping on the walls late at night waiting for answers from distant cells.


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