I’m Only Sleeping

So I’ve been trying to lucid dream, on and off for a while now. In case you’re wondering, that is not a good strategy for lucid dreaming. Apparently you’re supposed to practice everyday. How do you “practice” dreaming, you ask? Well, it seems to amount to “pinching yourself” throughout the day, to make sure you are in fact, awake. The idea is that it becomes a habit and you’ll start doing that in your dreams as well. Just the same way I drink whiskey in my dreams every night.

It’s not a airtight argument I guess.

In case you’ve never heard of lucid dreaming… or google, it’s basically a state where you “wake up,” within your dream. Think Neo and Morpheus here. You can do whatever you want, and it feels “real.” You could make a sound argument that it is real. Or just as “real” as being “awake” anyway. (Can I stop putting quotes around every other word now?)

Last night I had the longest lucid dream I’ve ever had. Or, semi-lucid I suppose. I mean, I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn’t seem to make whatever I wanted to happen, happen. I also wasn’t in total control of where I was in the dream. I went back to the street I grew up on. All the houses were dark and burnt-out. I tried make the lights come on inside the houses, but the darkness just stared back at me. I flew up to the tree tops and snapped off the end of a branch. I thought, I’d stick it in my pocket, and see if it is still there when I wake up. I said I was semi-lucid.

Some other weird stuff happened that I don’t really want to talk about. I woke up and remembered everything very clearly. I reached for my pocket. I wasn’t wearing pants. Damn.

Dolla dolla bill y’all,


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4 Responses to I’m Only Sleeping

  1. Gordon Nash says:

    Have you talked to Maura Kennedy about it? She’s taught classes on how to use lucid dreams to write songs.

    Lucid dreaming is hard to believe till you’ve actually done it.

  2. i’ve done this! it’s wild. i started doing it when i wanted to remember dreams. but then it turned into a way to change endings to dreams. you really do have to do it alot for it to work well, cuz i don’t do it so much now, and it’s become harder to do. but i went through a period where i could do it on demand. as for your dream with the houses and the treetops, i think you did want that to happen. not the burnt out part. but the “gone and now i’m flying” part. you just did it artistically. stop yelling at me! YOU wrote it! 🙂

  3. Gilda Sue says:

    I was lucid dreaming a while before I heard the term “lucid dreaming.” (Rabbi Spiderman says there’s a reason they call it lucid.) Now working on the lucidity in my awake time. Real-real hard. “This little light o’ mine, I’m gonna damn let it shine. . .”

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