Myspace In A Bottle

I’ve spent the last hour or so this morning sifting through the rubble of Myspace. The Brilliant Inventions once kept a relatively popular blog on there. Far more popular than this little one I’ve got going now. Then Myspace crumbled, and the blogging slowed down. Then stopped. Here’s one I wrote 4 years ago! Kinda strange to read now; like an old journal entry. The person writing isn’t really me. But I know him. We could even be friends. I could give him some good advice. He could probably give me some too.

Can You See Me Now?

Right now, I’m wearing my glasses. Did you know I wear glasses? Well, then you can file that under “stuff you didn’t know about me.” It’s not as big as the file of “stuff that you don’t know about me.” But then, you don’t even know what’s in the file. I have a similar file on you. That’s how it goes. So, anyway, I’m wearing my glasses. One of the nose pads has fallen off. Most of the time I don’t even notice that my glasses only have one nose pad, but when I think about it, I can feel that tiny metal nub pushing against the flesh of my nose. Funny how that works. That metal nub goes in the file of “stuff I don’t feel until I think about it.” That file is huge. It’s right next to the file of “stuff I don’t think about until I feel.” That file is kinda scary. I also have files for “stuff I know a lot about,” “stuff I wish I knew more about,” and “stuff I know nothing about.” I can’t ever find the last one. My favorite file is “stuff that makes me happy.” Inside that file, I’ve got music, poetry, red wine, and good friends. I’ve got cool summer days, and my very first skateboard. I’ve got the ancient walnut tree from the backyard of the house I grew up in and also French press coffee. I’ve got a week long Buddhist retreat, and my first Friday in Atlanta, drinking good whiskey and blacking out. I won’t burden you with the file of “stuff that makes me sad.” I try not to look in there too much anyway. My glasses themselves can go in the file of “stuff that’s broken but still works.” There’s a bunch of other things in there too. My eyes for instance. Also my poor excuse for a car and my desk top computer. And, when I’m feeling sorry for myself, I sometimes think I’m in there too. But that’s too simplistic. Not to mention melodramatic. I suppose there’s a little of me in every one of my files. But the point of this story is my glasses. I’m wearing them right now. Right now as I type this blog. This blog, from the file of “stuff I’d like to share,” — hoping you’ll put it in your file of, “stuff you like you to read.” Right now, I’m wearing my glasses. Did you know I wear glasses?
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2 Responses to Myspace In A Bottle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Always good to look back at the old self! 😀

    Well Eliot… ever since I first heard you sing…. you have been in my files of “Stuff that makes me happy” and ”People with beautiful eyes, even if they don’t work!” 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not sure why that came up as anonymous… as I signed in through Facebook… but it was from me… your fan in Lapland! 😀

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