Thigh Of Newt

wwhhhaaaaaapooow! Blog number two. My sixty days of blogging continue on this very fine morning here in Atlanta Georgia, and wherever you are, my dear internet pals.
The other day, an eleven-year-old girl, who I teach guitar, told me that she met Newt Gingrich. I asked, “What is he like?”

She said, “he has really soft hands.”

Now, I’m not a physicist, or a political expert, or even an evil sorcerer; but doesn’t that mean Newt Gingrich’s hands are softer than an eleven-year-old girl’s?

Tawk amongst yourselves.

Yesterday James left me this very nice comment/questions:

Talk about Blackbirds! Best album I bought in 2011 – still in heavy rotation in
my iPod. It seemed like a very “personal experience”-driven album. Will the new
album come from a similar place? Do you have different thoughts/perspective
about Blackbirds now than when it came out a year ago?

First of all, thank you so much, James. I’m not totally sure that repeat listens to Blackbirds isn’t dangerous to your health, but be careful. Have a glass of water between each song. Yes it’s a really personal record. I’m incredibly self-absorbed, so all my songs are about me. Sometimes I think everyone else’s songs are about me too. Is that normal? But seriously, even when I’m not telling my own literal story, there has to be a way in for me, or I have no perspective to write from. That said, everything on Blackbirds is my story.

It’s hard to say much about this next record right now. I probably won’t see the major themes or understand it completely until a little while after it’s done. I do think these songs are the next chapter in the same story that Blackbirds is telling though. They have more of the same DNA than the songs that I wrote for The Brilliant Inventions. I also think they are built to last longer than the songs on Blackbirds. They’re leaner and yet more layered with meaning. Plus, this band brings the rock when appropriate.

As far as how my thoughts on Blackbirds has changed… well, I have a hard time enjoying any of my old work. I get into it intensely during the writing and recording, and I listen to the record a lot when it’s newly finished. But inevitably, I end up hearing all things I want to do differently next time. I’m still really proud of that album, but I’m ready for the next thing.

Thanks for the great questions. What a huge help! Anyone else???

(and there’s your frog blog gentlemen)

Annyong-hi kashipshio,


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1 Response to Thigh Of Newt

  1. James says:

    “Sometimes I think everyone else’s songs are about me too …” I feel that way about “Welcome Interstate Managers.


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