Hairbrush With Fame

Yesterday I asked everyone in Facebookland what I should blog about today. And while “global warming”, “Baltimore”, and “misdirected anger” were all tempting choices (among others), Susan’s suggestion to write about “your hair” was very timely.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have too much to say about my mane. I get it from my mom. I lose things in it, etc. But as it turns out, my hair is about to become famous!

Ok, slight exaggeration. Not my hair, but the person who cuts my hair is about to become famous. Though she is already something of a living legend to those of us who know her.

Let me get to the point. There’s this little Bravo television program called Tabatha Takes Over, and my friend and stylist, Kimberly, is going to be on it TONIGHT!!

Her salon, Sweetgrass, was “taken over” by Tabatha last year, and the episode is airing this evening! 10pm i think.

I don’t know if the secrets of MY hair be revealed, but it’s sure to entertain. Then go see Kim at Sweetgrass, and you too can have an Eliot-pomp, or a mowhawk, or whatever. Go crazy.

I love your guts,

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3 Responses to Hairbrush With Fame

  1. Barry manilow says:

    I’ve always loved your hair. I think I miss it more than I miss you.

  2. Its always good to have a blog post with your hair since it’s so fabulous!!

  3. That was a great show. It was on last night in Maryland. You have great hair!!!
    Love Mom

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