You Can’t Get There From Here

Last night I played a little fundraising concert for the new album. It was fun to do an intimate little show like that for friends and supporters. It was also good to air out the new material a little more.

I feel like there’s definitely been some growth since my last batch of songs. Not necessarily better, but my writing has changed in a direction that is very satisfying for me at the moment. Seems like the lyrics are more layered with meaning, yet the songs are relatively simple.

They’re a bit darker, or maybe they just have a depth to them. They’re also a little less autobiographical. They still come out of my experience and there is a lot of confessional stuff in there, but they aren’t bound by what has actually happened to me.

Sort of like in a dream, where you can be a totally different person. Someone you know can be a talking dog. Your bedroom is Dracula’s castle. You know what I mean. The world isn’t governed by the same rules, but there’s a deeper truth to all of it. I think that’s sort of where my art is taking me.

I’m kind of a failed Christian and a closet Buddhist. The spiritual world has always been an incredibly important in my life. But my path I suppose, if i have one, is music. It’s always showing me where I’m going next. The lessons I’m about to learn seem to appear in songs well before I have realized them myself.

Life is weird and confusing, and sometimes incredibly hard. There’s no easy way through any of it. But songs make it a little bit better. And sometimes, almost worth it.


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  1. carolkaruna says:

    Hi Eliot, I like this post!.

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