Everyday I Write The Book

I’m drinking my second cup of coffee and having some toast with butter and swiss cheese, one of my favorite meals. I’m also trying to figure out what to write about today. Someone suggested that I blog about “why I blog.” That’s an interesting idea. Not interesting in the same way as say, M Theory or Nagarjuna’s Madhyamaka philosophy. Mostly just “interesting,” because I haven’t thought about it at all, until now. Why do I blog?

Well, It’s definitely not because I’m overflowing with so many ideas I’m compelled to share with the world. And it certainly isn’t because the public is clamoring for more of my drivel. And it’s not because the unicorn voices in my head are forcing me to sit down everyday and spew out useless prattle. Ok, that one is actually the closest to the truth so far.

I suppose I do this for the same reason I write songs: to connect with people and offer a little something of myself. (Hopefully my songs are better than my blogs).

I love people, but I also have a lot of social anxiety. I always worry about things I’ve said or didn’t say. I talk too loud, or too fast, or not enough. I suppose in a blog, like a song, I can take my time. I can say just what I want t0 say and nothing more. I can be silly, but stop short of  being annoying. I can be vulnerable, but pull it back before it gets gross. Like now…

Oh look there’s a baby octopus riding a paisley unicorn!

So yeah, there’s a little neurosis going on here for sure. Thanks for helping me expose that to everyone.

Why do I blog? Great question. I honestly don’t know how much longer I’ll keep this up. Let me know if you’re enjoying these diatribes.  If not, I’ll be more than happy to discontinue this little series.

Te veo luego,





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4 Responses to Everyday I Write The Book

  1. carolkaruna says:

    I enjoy them. I will keep reading them if you keep doing them. Then, if I commit to regular blogging maybe you can read mine. Or try to.

  2. Gordon Nash says:

    I enjoy your blog so keep it i up.
    I decided that I blog because I want to the world to understand me and to let my kindred spirits know that there is someone out there thinking the same things they are.

  3. Hi Eliot,

    Glad I gave you something to think about! I think many write blogs to feed ego, but I didn’t think that was the case with you! Some use it as a way to release their unspent thoughts without ever looking back…. Some use it to connect to the big wide world out there whether it is for business, friendship or whatever… When I blogged it used to be about sharing information from this mad Brit, who moved to a slightly stranger place… but somewhere along the line it fell apart..got boring..or whatever… and I stopped updating… so I know where you are coming from.

    However, I personally LOVE to hear your drivel and prattle through Unicorn insanity tinted glasses….uh.. I mean carefully worded, sensitive blogs… 😀 So please don’t stop – at least, not yet!

    Love Michelle, Your Fan in Lapland… x

  4. I’m reading them. So keep it up! I think we all have a little social anxiety 🙂
    I also wonder if you blog to keep the creative channels open? Sometimes I try to figure out how to open that flood gate so the creativity will flow again (as opposed to writer’s block).
    Thanks for sharing!

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