Yesterday’s News. Just Barely.

Welcome back unicorn ninjas and mango growers of the universe.

Here I go with another installment of ye olde blog (not the name of my blog).

Not that anyone is really paying attention, but the Supreme Court of the United States started hearing arguments today, pertaining to the legality of the Obama health care bill.

Apparently today’s arguments weren’t even about the law itself, but about The Supreme Court’s jurisdiction over a tax that hasn’t taken effect yet, or something like that. Tomorrow it gets real, as the kids say. Or said. Whatever.

There’s so much chest thumping and rah-rah rah in politics these days, it’s almost impossible to discuss any issue without some ideological knee-jerk reaction.  I don’t care to wade into those rapids here. And I am admittedly not qualified to expound on the constitutionality of the individual mandate; but I will say that I’d like to live in a country where taking care of one-another is a national priority.

Some people argue that the United States was founded on Christian values. I don’t know if your Vacation Bible School was anything like mine, but I remember loving thy neighbor, and doing for the “least of these my brethren,” being pretty high up there. Ehh, Jesus was such a hippy.

I’m not taking a strong position on this one. I see valid points on both sides. But once again the bigger picture is lost, or worse, deliberately obscured. Some people think the free-market will solve all of our problems. Some people think a reformed government is our best bet. I think that simple answers are incredibly seductive, and often cynically used to manipulate people.

I have no prepackaged perspective to offer on this issue, but I’ll be following this case over the next few days. As one of the many uninsured americans, I find this to be an incredibly important decision. I welcome any comments you have.

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1 Response to Yesterday’s News. Just Barely.

  1. why is it so hard for everyone to agree that everyone needs healthcare? i mean this is not something for einstein. if you’re a nice person, then you want everyone to be healthy. if you’re a meanie, then a bunch of half dead people robbing your house for aspirin money isn’t a good idea for your selfish life either. so, doesn’t everyone realize by now that this is a big business? and why is health such a big business? by definition, doesn’t that mean that sick people lose?

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