My Blogfriend’s Back

Greetings people reading my blog,

As you may have already figured out, my epic blog train has skipped the tracks and crashed somewhere in the corn fields of my brain. That is to say, my plan to “blog everyday for 60 days” has proven to be harder than I thought. On the plus side, no one cared enough to call me out for it. On the minus side, no one cared enough to call me out for it. It appears that life goes on, with or without my useless ramblings. (This theory still needs to be subjected to some controlled tests before we can say for sure).

Studio time is scheduled for the new record. Rehearsals again next week. I’m beyond ready to make this album, but we really need to reach our fundraising goal for it all to work out. Yeah, I’m a little stressed out these days.

Life has taught me over and over again, that nothing is ever simple or easy. And nothing ever happens exactly the way you want or expect it to. Still, I’m an optimist. We’re going to make a great new record together. I won’t accept any other outcome.


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2 Responses to My Blogfriend’s Back

  1. TamTam says:

    I miss your ramblings when you don’t post! But I know life gets in the way sometimes.

  2. Keep thinking positively!!!

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