I’m Sorry, Dave. I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That.

The internet is probably one of the coolest inventions ever, right up there with jetpacks and string cheese. Well, maybe not as cool as jetpacks, but pretty close.

When I was a boy, I used to pretend I had a super-computer-wristwatch that knew the answers every question I had. I didn’t really expect to grow up and have a phone that did pretty much that!

The danger of the all-knowing-internet is really too much of a good thing. Since you can know anything at anytime you can fall into very deep wormholes. Like, you’re looking up a David Bowie song on Youtube, and that changes to watching scenes from Labyrinth, and before you know it, you’re googling, “furry convention in Atlanta.” It happens.

That’s why it was time from me to take, what my friend John Seay calls, a “media fast.” I needed a little break from my childhood dream come true.

The thing is, we’re constantly consuming information, but most of it is really useless and trivial. Still, it feels like we’re doing something important!  At least, it does to me. There’s an urgency about my day when I’m plugged in all the time. It turns out, when you step away for a while, you see just how very little of it is necessary.

I’ve had some time to slow down now, settle into the moment. Honestly, it feels great. I’d recommend it to anyone…

That is, after you read all my blogs, and check out my Facebook page! Really important stuff going on there! Do it!

In other words: I’m back.


PS. Hal says you need to check out my Kickstarter page too!

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6 Responses to I’m Sorry, Dave. I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That.

  1. i don’t/can’t take the breaks from it like you did. but what i do is absolutely draw the line when it comes to human interaction. when i have a student, there’s a no electronic device rule. when i’m talking to someone face to face, i don’t allow it to interrupt. and when other people do, i’m really mean about it. really. mean. really. ok, sorta.

  2. LOL I like your new haircut and hipster glasses, Eliot!

    Anyway, the Indian scriptures call this “limited knowledge.”

    Welcome back,

  3. Hal and I haven’t been on speaking terms for at least 11 years, hon.
    Wait. 11 again. . .

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