Tonight’s Top Ten List

Top 10 Reasons Not To Donate To My Kickstarter Campaign! 


10) If I donate on Kickstarter, it messes up my plan of telling myself I’m going to do it later, and then using that money to buy the new One Direction CD. Those boys move me.



9) I’m fairly certain Eliot is a Muslim. Where’s the birth certificate Mr. songwriter?



8) I could donate 5 dollars to help make a record, or I could have one Starbucks coffee. Sorry Eliot, Momma needs her caffeine.



7) Enough with this music crap already. Can we blow something up?



6) Eliot’s hair is getting bigger with every record. I can’t be part of this.



5) It makes me happy when people don’t reach their goals, because I’m dead inside.



4) My father was a guitar. It’s just too hard.



3)  Is there a Kickstopper website?



2) Whenever I help people, I break out in a rash.



…and the number one reason not to donate to my Kickstarter campaign…



1) I hate unicorns!


So, whatever you do don’t go HERE

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