Yoshimi, They Don’t Believe Me

As some of you have no doubt already surmised, this Kickstarter campaign of mine is simply a ruse. Not the collecting donations part, that’s real. But come on, do you really think I’m going to record another album? Seriously folks, what’s the point? Music is dead. Well, humans making using is dead. The robots have taken music over. We all knew it was coming.

So, if I do reach my $8,000 goal, I have no intention of making more art that will simply be overshadowed by the robot art. Duh.

So what do I intend to do? Build a robot unicorn to help lead the resistance fighters in the robot apocalypse! He’ll be built entirely of used iPods and Swatch watches. His horn will be a rallying beacon — a giant hollow candy corn, illuminate by fire flies. And most importantly, he will be impervious to the hypnotic trance-like robot music, which is their best weapon.






We’ve already lost the battle for music, but with this powerful unicorn I intend to build, we can stop to the robots before they take everything! Oh yeah, they are not content to simply control our audio worlds! The robots will stop at nothing, until they have replaced all the things we love with robot-things. Ultimately, they’d like to build an entire robot world, where all of our interactions are done with robot parts. All of our interests, friends, events, and images will be safely contained and monitored in this new robot controlled world. And in this world, no one will be able to tell who is or isn’t a robot!






Sounds crazy I know. Can’t happen. But that’s why I need the robot unicorn. And that’s the real reason I need your help.



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