Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m still doing this. Whatever this is. I guess I mean writing songs and singing them. The music keeps changing, like I do. Even my reasons for doing it (the one’s I admit to myself) seem to change. But here I am, still plucking away at my guitar, looking for something.  Maybe just looking.

I really like the idea of an album. It’s sad to me that the art form seems to be dying. When I listen to a batch of songs written by the same person, in a relatively short period of time, they almost always tell me a story. If it’s a good record, the album can be more than the sum of it’s parts. I love that. It’s a kind of magic, like songs themselves.

As I started listening to the rough mixes of what will be my new album, the story these songs tell became more obvious to me.  It’s odd that I could be telling a story and not even know it. But that sort of thing doesn’t surprise me the way it used to.

This album’s story seems to be a dark one. Just look at some of the song titles: It Don’t Get Easier, Longshot, Sad Town, Down On Me, Ain’t No Way To Get Home Now. There are plenty of up-tempo songs here, but not one that I’d call happy. These are songs about frustration, desperation, lust, and death. I had no idea that was where my head has been, but there it is. You’re welcome.

Still, I’ve never been more proud of a set of lyrics than these. If there’s any light in these songs, it’s in the craft. These songs aren’t whistling in the dark, or even wallowing in the dark; they’re hanging out in the dark with some good whiskey, making friends with the shadows.

And it’s a story of place, and places. One of those places is Milwaukee — somewhere I’ve actually never been. On the album, it’s possibly somewhere I’ve imagined. It exists in the blurry line between hope and self deception, between denial and disbelief. This is a story about going on, in a world of disappointment and heartbreak. It’s a story about going on without the promise of a happy ending. About going on without knowing the reasons why anymore.

I’m calling the record Milwaukee.


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7 Responses to Milwaukee

  1. TamTam says:

    I am looking forward to hearing the story of Milwaukee! Hope to be able to hear it live at the Muse (hint hint) 😉

  2. Laurie says:

    Eliot. I got to this blog with much excitement and anticipation, and was floored when I saw the title. I have tears in my eyes and I choked up when I was reading this out loud to Don. Your songs have always come from your heart. Who knew how deeply it actually went. We’re looking forward to hearing what I’m sure will be your best album yet. Thank you with love for sharing that heart with all of us. xo

  3. Good luck with your new album Eliot! Congratulations on getting it all laid down! Dark or not, I am sure it will be great. The Light always needs a balance of Dark. I am looking forward to hearing it. I miss you and I have never even met you in Milwaukee. Or anywhere else – except in my head, my musical heart and the internet. Congrats again! x

  4. Hutelmyer says:

    Can’t wait to hear this story! And you have another vote for the Evening Muse!

  5. Eliot,
    Jeff(my husband) and I are so looking forward to your new album. And to share it with our friends to expose them to the great talent you have. Jeff and I have followed you from your first album from TBI and will continue. Great luck in all the success and growth that you will have and I am proud to say that I know and follow Eliot Bronson.


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